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Newfoundland Screech - JULY 2022




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JULY 10th, 2022

Cold, wet, possibly foggy…. Ok, yes definitely foggy….. bouncing around on a 60ft race boat leaping and bashing its way across North Atlantic swells, simple food, simple comforts; this is going to be a long way off any romantic idea you may have had about big boat sailing. Sail from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to St.Johns, Newfoundland with a stop in St.Pierre a slice of France.

However, if we add in the opportunity to helm one of these famous boats at 20kts+, the exhilaration of surfing down waves taller than your house, the companionship & camaraderie of a group of people who are living life to the full, incredible sailing skills development as you learn from a pro-crew who have completed a racing circumnavigation of the world and the opportunity to visit a small slice of Europe on North America’s front step you might start to see this opportunity from our point of view. There is no doubt this little voyage is going to be a whole lot of fun. Foggy, wet, bouncy, grinning, laughing, FUN.

If you want you can combine this event and the Marconi Race together as a package and receive a 10% discount.

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