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The Grand Banker - OCTOBER 2022




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OCTOBER 3, 2022

St. John’s- St. Pierre- Lunenburg

For hundreds of years fishermen came to the Grand Banks fishing grounds off Newfoundland to make their fortunes, pitting their wits and skill against nature.  With extremely cold temperatures in the winter months, infamously rough seas & almost constant fog year round, the Grand Banks quickly earned themselves a reputation of being both one of the most challenging, but also most rewarding stretch of water to sail & fish.

Jumping forward to today, Spartan’s Grand Banker voyage takes crew through this same area of ocean but at a time of the year that allows us to enjoy the region without having to don oilskins and Sou’westers!

Departing from the historic port of St.John’s Newfoundland, we turn South and then West towards the tiny French island group of St.Pierre & Miquelon where we will stop for the night giving us time to sample the local sights and flavours. For those who have not heard of this geographic anomaly, it may come as a surprise to hear that you can visit a tiny slice of authentic France only a few miles off the coast of Canada. For those interested in ornithology the islands are also home to large Puffin colonies and are a regular stopover for pelagic seabirds.

Departing St.Pierre we head across the Laurentide Channel towards Cape Breton, and the Northern corner of Nova Scotia.  This is our longest open water passage on this event making this the perfect training environment for new offshore sailors.  Also, as we sail on towards our destination port of Lunenburg, we will never be too far away from the beautiful coast of Nova Scotia giving us glimpses of this beautiful Atlantic Canadian Province that few get to see.

Finally, we hove into the UNESCO protected port of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, arriving in the very same manner that sailors have across the centuries. Lunenburg although only having a population of 5000, is one of the most famous and picturesque towns in Canada. It is also the home of the iconic schooner, ‘Bluenose II’ that dominated the Fisherman’s Cup sailing races in the 1930’s, leading to a unbelievable winning streak of 17 years that saw the vessel and her Captain Angus Walters elevated to the Canadian Sporting Hall of Fame.

The Grand Banker voyage is perfect for those that want to develop their seamanship in a safe, professional coastal setting, whilst visiting some beautiful and hard to reach treasures along the way.


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