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English Channel Pilot - AUGUST 2022




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AUGUST 17th, 2022

Cowes – Stavenger

Sailing North to explore the deep fjords and lofty peaks of Norway has to be a bucket list voyage for any sailor worth their salt. Exiting the busy English Solent we will head East into the most densely populated stretch of water in the world allowing us to glimpse the true scale of world commerce and the marine traffic that makes modern commerce possible. After that it’s into the North Sea which has a special place in the heart of many European sailors as it has borne witness to almost every step in the history of Europe from the marauding Viking raids on England in the 8th century – right through to modern high speed ferries between the same ports carrying commuters and vacationers on their holidays. Finally we arrive into the beautiful port of Stavanger, Norway which is blessed with not only beautiful, dramatic natural scenery but also some of the most outstanding examples of traditional Norwegian architecture- no doubt for many crew the opportunity to use Stavanger as a gateway to Scandinavia will see them continue their adventure onto the land learning & exploring the rich history of an ancient land.

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