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This podcast channel is for sailors of all skill levels and backgrounds. My passion is seamanship & self-reliance and helping others realize their sailing dreams on their own boats – whatever size or shape of craft that may be. Light-hearted and filled with personal anecdotes this podcast also contains an ocean of experience from a sailor that has covered more miles on the world’s oceans than the distance from Earth to the moon.

Each episode round the world solo sailor Chris Stanmore-Major, AKA ‘CSM’ talks about all things sailing from how to flake a line and prepare a meal on a family cruising voyage to how to race through the Southern Ocean on an Open 60. Superyachts, racing campaigns, open boat expeditions, classic wooden yachts and tall ships- all have an equal interest to ‘The Mariner’.

The Mariner YouTube Send your questions however small to [email protected] and Chris will endeavour to give you an answer or find the person that can!

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Online Seamanship Training Program

If you are looking to develop your seamanship skills and take your sailing knowledge & safety to a more advanced level I run an On-Line Seamanship Training Program which gives you access to four 30 minute videos each month that deep-dive into a broad range of subjects from Ropework to Naval Architecture, Electronic Navigation, Sail Trim, Composite Repair. The lessons come out once a week and the minimum commitment to have access to all of them is $20 per month.