2nd Leg: Start November 5th
6,550 Nm.
Finish approximately December 13th

Cape Town to Australia or New Zealand

The final destination for this leg has not been determined yet but the major elements of the leg are unchanged whether it ends up being Sydney or Auckland.  This leg is dominated by the fact that the boats will be entering the Southern Ocean to find the quickest route between continental plates.  

Departing Cape Town the fleet heads South East along the Agulhas current that will give bouncy conditions for the first few days before they approach the outer edges of the Southern Ocean at 40 degrees South. Once into the ‘Southern Ocean Conveyor’ the meteorology will be dominated by the large weather systems developing in the Southern Atlantic that will circumnavigate the whole Southern Ocean before crashing once more into South America having developed over weeks into the monster systems this part of the world’s oceans is famous for.  


Picking the correct latitude to make your transit of the Southern Ocean, and varying it to meet the demands of the changing conditions is a skill set only skippers who have been to this part of the world are savvy to and this is exactly why all of our OGR race skippers will have completed this kind of voyage previously and will not be phased by the huge waves and strong winds to be found in this incredibly exciting section of the race that will allow our 60-80ft yachts to finally open up and demonstrate their full speed potential- as this will be over 20 knots it should make for some of the best sailing of your life!