4th Leg: Start- March 10th 2024
5,430 Nm
Finish approximately April 14th-19th 2024

Rio De Janeiro to Cowes, UK

Departing Rio under the famous scenery of Sugar Loaf mountain and its incumbent towering statue- the fleet will head out into what will certainly be the most closely raced leg of the event.  

By this point in the race – with 20,000Nm of hard ocean racing under their belts, the core crew of each boat (the Round the Worlders + pro Crew) will be able to push the boat to its limits with a clear understanding of how to draw that peak performance out into a thoroughly competitive ocean passage.

Light airs off the coast of Brazil will keep the yachts bunched together for the first few days and being able to get the very best from the Code 0 and light airs spinnakers.  Once the crews are able to clear the coast, the race route takes the boats North directly into the Doldrums, (more technically called the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone or ITCZ) and constant vigilance and rapid, repeating sail changes will sort those with a true desire to win from those who are merely ‘participating’. Whilst Spartan will always prioritize safety over speed, it is also true to say that we will not shy away from hard work if applying ourselves diligently will make the difference in a race.  These will be long nights, with huge rewards available for those with the Grit to do what must be done.

After the ITCZ the gloves are off and multiple routes will be available for competitors to take best advantage of the prevailing weather systems in the North Atlantic. 

Perhaps a direct route will take you far ahead of the rest of the fleet and seal your overall win? But maybe a more circuitous route will be the way your crew decides to play it, bringing your boat into the final 500Nm section with an amazing wind angle, thereby catapulting you into a dominating leg win. 

Whatever the winning moves are in this final game of ‘Offshore Chess’ the finish of the Ocean Globe Race, 6 months & 27,000Nm after its start are sure to be closely fought and of huge importance to crew and the on-line audience. Only those crew who participate in this last leg of the race will know the elation and personal pride it’s possible to feel in not only crossing the Atlantic but being part of the final stages of such a massive, focused, world-girdling event.