A New Era In Offshore Racing

Following the hugely successful 50th Anniversary Golden Globe Race in 2018, McIntyre Adventure has announced a follow-on 50th anniversary event of the  first fully crewed round the world race; the Ocean Globe Race (OGR2023) will take to the high seas in 2023, following the same route as the grand daddy of offshore crewed racing events- the 1973 Whitbread Race.  

This means that the opportunity has returned, after nearly 30 years to not only inspire normal, everyday sailors the world but for those sailors to actually sign up and sail the event.

To many of us, the ‘Golden Age’ of offshore yacht racing  seems a distant memory. Nowadays, the inaccessible norm has become huge budgets & elite professionals racing custom carbon yachts that ‘fly’, and instead of the sailors themselves making all the tactical decisions onboard, based on their own skills and abilities, shore teams working via satellite comms provide situational intel, design repairs and supply technical information as required.  It’s not what the rest of us – as ’normal’ sailors understand real sailing to be.

Technology has moved so fast in the last few decades, that sailors the world over, while marveling at these advances, have been left behind and now can only look back fondly on the Corinthian days of the Whitbread Race and dream. Those were times when adventurous sailors put together their own campaigns- based on principles of personal/team challenge, fun and the desire to face the ultimate sailing challenge.

The Ocean Globe Race departing in 2023 now gives sailors of all skill levels, even complete beginners, an unprecedented opportunity to step back in time and enjoy serious ocean racing for a cost that is accessible rather than prohibitive.

Starting in Europe in September 2023, the OGR is a 27,000-mile, 4 leg, series of sprints around the world, taking in the Southern Ocean and the three Great Capes. 

Stopovers will include South Africa, Australia or New Zealand then South America, before finishing back in Europe in April 2024. 

The stopover ports and final route timing will be announced in late 2021 



1st Leg: Start- 10th September    6650 Nm. Finish approx 18th October

2nd Leg: Start- 5th November     6,550 Nm.  Finish approx 13th December

3rd Leg: Start- 31st December   8,370 Nm. Finish approx  17th February 2024

4th Leg: Start- 10th March         5,430 Nm.  Finish approx  14th-–19th April  2024


It is fair to say that the Ocean Globe Race 2023 is going to be the major new focus for Spartan Ocean Racing & Training which feels somewhat fitting as it was CSM’s personal own round the world adventures with crew and solo, that kick started the company back in 2010. 

Spartan will be entering the Golden Globe Race with two yachts initially, our Whitbread 60 ‘Challenger’ and our new Maxi ‘Osprey’.  

We will be entering the ‘Classic Division’ of the OGR2023 which allows for Whitbread/ Volvo 60’s (60ft) & Maxi’s (80ft +) 

If the available 14 x Round the World berths and 60 x single leg berths sell out as quickly as we expect them to, we have already put in motion plans for 2 extra boats to join the fleet. These will be a second Whitbread 60 and another Maxi.  The concept here is to engage in meaningful and exciting competition with the OGR divisional fleet but also between similar vessels within the Spartan entry. 

Spartan is committed to being able to provide sailors of all ages and skill levels with the best possible experience in this event based not only on our 10 years of hands-on involvement in exactly this kind of sail training & racing, but also on a range of new on-line training materials, events and branded sailing gear. 


Included for all Spartan crew: 

  • 6 weeks of Safety & Operations training in North America, Europe & the Caribbean over 2021,2022 & 2023. 
  • Personal Fully Branded Helly Hansen Offshore Waterproofs Package  
  • Personal Team O Back Tow Life Jacket 
  • Discounted rates on extra sailing events to augment training 
  • Spartan’s own on-line seamanship training syllabus designed to cover all aspects of life at sea, including navigation, rope work, sail handling evolutions, mechanical repairs, safety training & emergency procedures.  
  • RYA Yachtmaster (theory) on-line syllabus & support  
  • Refitted yachts with all new equipment and safety inspection reports. 
  • All vessels prepared to international best safety standards. Specifically this will be the UK, Marine Coastguard Association’s, offshore commercial sailing vessel ‘Cat Zero’ standard.  
  • Fully qualified & experienced skippers/ pro crew.  All vessels will have at least three professional sailors on board at any time, with any one of them being able to take command of the vessel in an emergency.  
  • Round the World Skippers. Each skipper for this event will already have sailed around the world which means their ability as a leader, mentor, trainer, racer & navigator will be a known element to their crew via previous testimonials and race results before the event begins.


Getting yourself personally ready for this challenge whether it is a single race leg, or the entire OGR circumnavigation is not only the first but also the largest commitment within the project.  

Whilst it is true that this will be an event centered around ‘ordinary people doing extraordinary things’, it is also important to note that we want to ‘train hard & fight easy’ in this situation which means acquainting everyone with all aspects of life at sea, not just how to put up and take down sails.  

Spartan has therefore created a strong crew training program that will prepare each member of the team for their race.  We see it as being equally important to not only develop the requisite hands-on skills, but also work on the task of being mental, physical and psychologically ready for your race.     

The core 6 weeks of sail training (to be completed before June 2023) on board our yachts will focus on all areas of seamanship, safety training, race training, repair and emergency procedures so that each crew member is happy with their role on board, happy with all aspects of how the yacht operates and has something worthwhile to offer the team and take back to their life after the event.  

Training will happen in several ports across North America, the Caribbean, and Northern & Western Europe. We will finalize the exact schedule and locations of these training events as the available positions on board fill, to allow as many crew as possible distance easy access to their training. 

In addition, whilst our Ocean Globe Race preparation and training is going to be the major focus for Spartan in the next two years, we will still be engaging in the ever popular ‘Marconi Transatlantic’ event which completes a 2000Nm voyage each year between St. John’s Newfoundland and Falmouth in the UK which is a perfect training environment for anyone looking to try offshore racing.  

After our European OGR training events are finished in approximately late August we will then be completing a loop back across the Northern Atlantic to Nova Scotia visiting, Norway, Iceland,  

Greenland & Newfoundland on the way. This type of voyage allows for a lot of one-on-one time with the pro crew and can be invaluable for developing particular skillsets such as, trimming, helming, sail changes, navigation etc.)  

Ocean Globe Race crew will receive a 20% discount on these events to help them widen their seamanship knowledge before their race starts.

Atlantic Crossing


Spartan will be entering two yachts initially in the ‘Classic Division’ of the OGR 2023 but we are already to increase that commitment to include at least two more yachts as demand requires. 

 The Classic Division 

Much of the attraction for many of the crew and skippers in the 2023 OGR fleet is the opportunity to be involved in a sailing event that limits the use of modern technology and negates the ‘arms race’ that began in 2003 with the Alinghi campaign for the Americas Cup.  Read more about this here in the Notice of Race

Within the Classic Division we are not affected as much by the OGR’s Race Committee’s strict rules concerning the use of modern navigational and telecommunications equipment.   

Whilst Spartan is happy to support the Race Committee in its pursuit to open offshore sailing back up to a wider international audience, we are in totally agreement with that racing high powered 60ft+ yachts requires the very highest levels of safety equipment and situational awareness.  The Classic Division rules therefore allow us to race with all necessary modern equipment with only the structure of the vessel being limited to 1990’s contemporary design and materials. 


Regata del Sol al Sol

Our first entry is the 60ft Whitbread 60 ‘Challenger’, designed by Alan Andrews and built by Eric Goetz in Connecticut in 1997. You can find out more about her here: 


 Our second entry is the 85ft Gran Mistral Maxi ‘Osprey’. She was designed by Farr and built by Decision yachts in Italy in 1997. You can find out more about her here: