AUGUST 28, 2022

Stavanger- Faroe Islands- Reykjavik

Visit Stavanger by Yacht with Spartan Ocean Racing

Stavanger is the second largest city in Norway but retains the character of a traditional fishing town. Set on the shores of the beautiful Lysefjord, that runs for 45km through the surrounding mountains, there is much to attract visitors including hikes, museums, modern art displays and award winning restaurants. On the water, the true scale of the geography becomes apparent and before departure we will be taking a 48hr sail down the fjord to witness for ourselves this unique wilderness environment.

Once we clear the land our destination is Torshavn the capital city of the Faroe Islands -450Nm away- This represents a three day voyage bearing in mind it is the summer and winds may be light. Getting to and from the Faroe Islands is possible by air and ferry but surely the best way to approach this hidden corner of the world is by boat. The sculpted cliffs and the extreme height of the sheer sided mountains lying so close to the sea- give the Faroe Islands a totally unique aspect best viewed from the ocean.

Ashore, the adventure continues with the opportunity to tour a country that had its first council convened in 850AD. Historic buildings, great food and a culture that is primarily but not entirely Danish create for the visitor a wonderful mix that could fill many, many days of exploration. We will stay in the archipelago for three days to get a good feel for the place before setting off into the Atlantic and toward our final destination: Iceland.

Long inhabited by Vikings and the voyaging peoples of Northern Europe as they developed trade connections across the Atlantic, Iceland is best known for its incredible geological features including geysers, lava flows, scree fields and active volcanos. As this is the last stop on the voyage the chance exists for the crew to go ashore and explore to their heart’s content. We will dock in Reykjavik to facilitate air travel but personal travel to the rest of the country is readily accessible and affordable.

Things You Should Know

What Is The Price?

The price is 4810CAD for this event. That includes your food whilst on the boat, accommodation on the boat once training has begun, 3 days of (safety) training, a day off  & a crew shirt.

What is Included?

  • Food while on the boat
  • Accommodation on the boat once training has begun based on availability
  • 3 days of safety and sail training prior to the event
  • Spartan crew shirt to wear onboard & keep
  • Your dockage fees
  • Diesel
  • Damage waiver

What is not included?

  • Travel to and from the boat
  • Visa fees (if needed)
  • On land food
  • Travel insurance

1100 NM

This is surely the most incredible event Spartan has ever contemplated. We will be departing from the beautiful Norwegian port of Stavanger then this event takes the 12 lucky crew members out to one of the most beautiful and hard to reach island groups in Europe- the Faroe Islands.  If that wasn’t enough we then carry on to the magnificent shores of Iceland and some of the world’s most spectacular natural features.


With training and the travel, you arrange to and from the boat this 1100 Nm route will be done and dusted in just 13 days. Beginning August 28th, 2022. 

$4810 CAD

The price is 3500 EUR for this event. That includes your food whilst on the boat, accommodation on the boat once training has begun, 3 days of (safety) training, a day off  & a crew shirt.